either of these teams, you’re probably

The 2021 Fall Classic is upon us, as the first “back-to-normal-ish” season — at least, the first 162-game season since the halcyon days of the Bomba Squad — will come to a close within the next few days. At one end, a piece of metal. At the other, two franchises vying for baseball’s ultimate prize.

We’ve talked enough about the Astros this October, I think. It was nice to see the White Sox lose at the hands of Houston, but it would have been nice seeing them lose to anybody. Since then, it’s been a pretty smooth ride to the top for the top-tier Texas team. The Astros, having made their fifth straight ALCS, are American League champions for the third time since 2017.

The Atlanta Braves took some time to find their footing after the conclusion of the Bobby Cox era; the Fredi Gonzalez era only netted them one playoff win in two postseason appearances. The Brian Snitker era is off to a much better start. The organization has a clear identity, one which has delivered four division championships in a row. This year, it’s led to the Braves’ first pennant since they were swept out of the World Series in 1999.

If you’re not affiliated with either of these teams, you’re probably A) hoping for the Astros to get obliterated, B) hoping for the Astros to win so that young Texans everywhere can see a more legitimate championship, or C) just hoping for some good baseball.

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