US woman killed by a bear that dragged her from the tent in Montana

US specialists are looking for a mountain bear that killed a lady in Montana subsequent to hauling her from her tent in the evening.

Leah Lokan, a 65-year-old attendant from California, had stayed for a while in the town of Ovando during a cycling trip.

During the assault on Tuesday, her kindred campers utilized bear shower to drive the creature out of their camping area.

Natural life and law requirement authorities are clearing the region and say they intend to kill the bear in the event that they discover it.

A private air salvage administration, Two Bear Air Rescue, is utilizing infrared innovation to find the creature, as per Montana’s Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) office.

Traps have additionally been laid nearby close to a chicken coop where the bear killed and ate a few chickens that very evening.

Specialists accept the creature weighs generally 181kgs (400lb). Its DNA has been recuperated at the location of the assault, and it will be contrasted and that of any bear that specialists trap.

A companion of Ms Lokan’s, Mary Flowers, disclosed to AP news office that Ms Lokan had gone on significant distance bicycle outings before. On this most recent excursion she had been joined by her sister and a companion.

“She adored these sort of experiences,” said Ms Flowers. “She had an enthusiasm for life that was strange.”

The FWP said the bear originally moved toward the campers at around 03:00 nearby time (09:00 GMT), yet at first fled.

Ms Lokan and her two buddies, who were remaining in a different tent, then, at that point eliminated food from their tents and got them prior to returning to rest. However, the bear returned in a matter of seconds thereafter, prompting the lethal assault.

Ovando, a local area of less than 100 individuals, sits on the edge of Glacier National Park – a breadth of woods and mountains extending over the boundary into Canada.

The recreation center is home to the biggest centralization of bears inside the adjoining US, however lethal assaults are uncommon in the locale. In the course of the most recent 20 years there have been two different episodes, as indicated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Bears that assault individuals are not generally killed if their assault results from an unexpected experience, or if the bear was guarding its young.

However, a Montana FWP representative revealed to AP that the bear associated with Ms Lokan’s passing is viewed as a danger due to the idea of the assault.

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