Top US diplomat pledges support for Afghanistan despite major Taliban advances

The top US negotiator addressed Afghanistan’s leader to repeat Washington’s “solid and persevering” obligation to Afghanistan, which has seen the Taliban catch many urban communities and regions in the conflict torn country.

“The two chiefs denounced the continuous Taliban assaults, which show little respect for human existence and common freedoms, and regretted the deficiency of blameless Afghan lives and relocation of the non military personnel populace,” the State Department said in a readout of the call between Antony Blinken and Ashraf Ghani.

The pair additionally discussed the need to speed up harmony dealings to arrive at a political settlement. The settlement ought to be “comprehensive, regard the privileges, everything being equal, including ladies and minorities, permit the Afghan public to have a say in picking their chiefs, and forestalls Afghan soil from being utilized to compromise the United States and its partners and accomplices,” the State Department said.

Blinken and Ghani vowed to stay in close contact.

Since US President Joe Biden requested the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban has made colossal additions while killing regular folks and the individuals who were aligned with the US during the conflict.

Washington has additionally put forth attempts to help outcast searchers escape the Taliban by offering uncommon visas to the individuals who worked with the US armed force and government

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