Top 10 most dog-friendly cat breeds

Cats are known for being extremely territorial creatures, bringing a dog or another cat into the mix can be difficult- a challenge experienced by many pet owners. After years of research and observation, people have found that some cat breeds tend to get along with dogs more than others.

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Here are the top 10 most dog-friendly cat breeds.

  1. American Shorthair
    With an expected lifespan of around 15 years, this cat breed is believed to be descended from European cats who were eventually brought to North America by early settlers.

American Shorthair cats are very affectionate and easygoing and are known for being very friendly with dogs.

“This breed is considered very social, confident, and playful, and once boundaries are established in the house, they love to play with housemates, including the family dog,” cat expert Dr. Natalie Marks told online news media Reader’s Digest.

This cat breed ranks very high in playfulness, friendliness to children and friendliness to other pets, according to online pet adoption website Petfinder.

  1. Japanese Bobtail
    Japanese Bobtail cats, renowned for their trademark pom-pom tails, are considered to be very sociable and friendly.

“You might see the Japanese Bobtail right in the mix, retrieving toys next to his canine housemate in the home. Or he might be next to the water bowl, playing and splashing. This fun-loving breed is a great sibling for your resident dog,” said Dr. Marks.

This breed ranks extremely high in playfulness and friendliness to other pets and children.

  1. Siberian
    The world’s first-ever Siberian cat was recorded around the year 1,000, according to Petfinder, and is native to Russia’s forests.

Accustomed to the unforgiving climate of Siberia, this cat breed is known for its unique personality and fascination with water. They are very agile and are great jumpers, despite their size, and are very people-oriented.

They also rank high in playfulness, hardiness and friendliness to other pets and children, but have a high need for attention from their humans.

“This cat breed hailing from Russia is very hearty and incredibly confident around other cats and dogs in the home and, in fact, may end up being the leader of all pets,” Dr. Marks told Reader’s Digest.

  1. Maine Coon
    The Maine Coon, a rugged-looking cat with the ability to endure harsh climates, has adapted to an array of environments.

Extremely playful, this breed is very affectionate towards others and has managed to become one of America’s most popular cat breeds when it was on the brink of extinction in the 1950, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA).

“Some pets parents find incredible similarities between the Maine Coon and a canine, as this breed typically loves to fetch and walk on a leash,” noted Dr. Marks.

  1. British Shorthair
    The British Shorthair, deemed the perfect household companion by Petfinder, is an undemanding breed and they tend to keep a low profile.

Affectionate but not clingy, playful but not extremely active, this breed make for extremely faithful companions. They rank very high on the friendliness scale when it comes to children and other animals.

“Their heavy, muscular body means that they’d be up for a bit of physical play with your dog,” CFA judge Teresa Keiger told Reader’s Digest.
Originally known for their physical strength and hunting abilities, they don’t like to be picked up.

  1. Birman
    Birman cats, known for their luxurious fur and unique appearance, make a perfect playmate for pet canines.

“Birmans love to chase, play tag, and even fetch balls, becoming the best playmate for your dog,” said Dr. Marks.

“The traditional ‘cat and mouse’ game becomes a ‘cat and dog’ game with this breed in your house.”

Easy to handle and care for, Birmans are very people-oriented and make ideal pets for anyone who wants a quiet and affectionate pet.

  1. Norwegian Forest Cat
    Native to Norway, the Norwegian Forest is very playful and active and is well-known for its fun-loving spirit.

This breed is very family-oriented and tend to bond to several people at once.

Known for being very friendly towards other pets, these cats are very docile and intelligent, according to Petfinder.

  1. Tonkinese
    Known for being extremely active and very adaptable to other animals and humans alike, Tonkinese cats have more of an innocent personality.

Attention-craving and high affectionate, Tonkinese cats are great companions for dogs, however they could annoy more laid-back animals since they need to be around humans and animals that have a similar activity level.

“It may be the only cat breed to rival the fetching skills of a Golden Retriever,” Dr. Marks said, adding that it is “super social and active” and “loves being around people and dogs.”

“It detests being alone or ignored, so a dog would definitely be a good companion for when you’re not home.”

  1. Ragdoll
    Well-balanced with no extreme features, Ragdolls are a great breed to consider for homes that have other pets.

This breed is very docile, affectionate and highly intelligent.

“The Ragdoll can learn to walk on a leash and could even go for joint walks with your dog,” Dr. Marks said.

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