The road on the banks of the Meghna is under water, sitting on a boat and receiving allowances

Roads in the char areas west of the Meghna River in Chandpur have been submerged in rainwater.

Due to which it was not possible for the recipients to come to the Union Parishad and collect the government allowance.

At the initiative of the UP chairman, they have taken old age, widow, maternity and disability allowances through agent banking while sitting in an engine driven boat on Saturday.

Chairman Hazrat Ali Bepari handed over the allowance to 8 to 10 women beneficiaries in a boat in Banshgari area of ​​Rajrajeshwar Union of Chandpur Sadar Upazila from morning till afternoon. He then took them to their destination.

Thus, in the last four days, the chairman has distributed allowances in Union Parishad area, Mugadi, Goal Nagar and Rayerchar areas.

Chairman Hazrat Ali Bepari said that the communication system is very bad due to the erosion of Padma-Meghna in the char areas. That is why it is not possible to come to the Union Parishad and collect the allowance. I have set up Bank Asia branches in 4 areas for 9 wards of the union. From there the beneficiaries will withdraw their allowance. And I am distributing allowances to those who live in isolated chars by lifting boats in compliance with the hygiene rules.

He said 650 people received old age allowance, 232 widow allowance, 144 disability allowance and 127 one-time maternity allowance in their union.

He added that during the Coronation period, the government paid Rs 500 to 600 unemployed people. The money will be delivered door to door from next Tuesday.

The government has also continued to provide assistance to needy families through BGF before Eid. That too will come very soon.

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