The party used to be held regularly in the minibar of the bride

Shamsur Nahar Smriti alias Smriti Moni alias Parimani started his uncontrolled life after setting foot in the film world. Minibar was built at home from the habit of regular drug use.

According to the RAB, a copy of the drug license was found in the possession of the arrested girlfriend, but it has expired. Also, the huge amount of drugs seized from his home never covers the license.

Domestic parties were regularly organized at the bride’s flat. Arrested Nazrul Islam Raj used to supply liquor there. Many, including Raj, used to take drugs at his house and take part in parties.

Khandaker Al Moin, director of the legal and media wing of the RAB, said this at a press conference held at the RAB headquarters on Thursday (August 5) afternoon.

He said Shariful Hasan alias Mishu Hasan and his accomplice Masudul Islam alias Jisan were arrested on the night of August 3. During the preliminary interrogation, they got information about several places where parties or DJ parties are organized in different areas of the capital, including Gulshan, Baridhara and Banani. Following this, the intelligence branch of RAB headquarters and RAB-1 conducted an operation in Banani area of ​​the capital from afternoon to night on August 4 and arrested 4 people including Parimani (26) and her accomplice Nazrul Islam alias Raj (39).

The other two arrested are Ashraful Islam Dipu (29), the manager of Parimani, and Mohammad, the manager of Raj. Sabuj Ali (35).

It is learned from the interrogation of the arrested girlfriend that she entered the film world while studying at the College (HSC) in Pirojpur. He joined the world of painting in 2014. So far he has acted in 30 movies and 5/6 TVCs.

He said the arrested Nazrul Islam Raj had an important role in coming to Dhaka from Pirojpur and creating a strong position in the world of painting.

The arrested girlfriend has been addicted to alcohol since 2016. Foreign liquor of various brands has been recovered from his flat. He regularly consumes alcohol. He has set up a mini bar at home to meet the demand for overdose. Having a minibar, he used to organize a family party in his flat. Arrested Nazrul Islam Raj and many others used to supply various types of drugs including alcohol to his house and participate in the party.

In response to a question, Commander Khandaker Al Moin said that the law of having a mini bar in someone’s house is not valid. He said in the preliminary interrogation that he was highly addicted to drugs. Regular DJ parties were organized at the bride’s house with the drugs provided by the king. But we got a drug license from Parimani but it has expired. Moreover, even under that license, he cannot operate mini bars or keep large quantities of drugs.

Asked about his girlfriend’s negative comments about law enforcement on Facebook Live, he said, “We are investigating why she came to Facebook Live and made such misleading and negative comments.” When the RAB conducts operations, the members of the RAB’s intelligence branch, in white robes, are engaged. We initially thought he was upset. However, we will investigate the matter, whether it had any other purpose.

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