The violence has left 12 people in the area

As a great many residents and unfamiliar nationals endeavor to escape Afghanistan, scenes outside the Kabul air terminal have gotten progressively frantic.

Since the Taliban assumed responsibility for the country at the end of the week and shut land line intersections, the capital’s air terminal has become the lone way out of the country for some.

In any case, the assailants have said they don’t need Afghans to leave the country. They have set up designated spots on Airport Road – displayed in yellow, beneath – the fundamental course to Hamid Karzai International Airport, and have assaulted individuals.

The viciousness has left 12 individuals nearby, dead – killed by shots or in rushes – since Sunday, a mysterious Taliban official disclosed to Reuters news office, which means the excursion to the air terminal is an inexorably deceptive one.

Inside the dividers of the air terminal compound, in excess of 4,000 US troops are in brief control. Outside, vigorously furnished Taliban warriors currently ring the edge, creating an environment of dread.

The assailants are purportedly forestalling Afghans – incorporating a portion of those with visas – from getting to the landing area.

Yet, even before individuals escaping arrive at the edge of the air terminal, they are being assaulted on the way, witnesses say.

A reporter for the LA Times paper saw many Taliban discharging into the air, pointing weapons at groups and utilizing sticks and rope to lash regular citizens as they attempted to make their getaway. Realistic pictures caught by Marcus Yam show somewhere around one lady hurt and a small kid left bloodied with what seems, by all accounts, to be a head injury.

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