He played it, suffered it and won it as a final.

He played it, suffered it and won it as a final. Workshops , who came to take just one point from the last nine, won 1-0 at Huracan , who came toned after winning the classic San Lorenzo , and was again escorting River in the tournament. Thus, the T left in oblivion the two shovels in a row that he received and that had left him reeling: the defeat against the Millionaire (the rival played almost the entire game with one man less) and the unusual draw against Lanús (he won it 3 -0 and finished 3-3 in the end) . In addition to putting a little pressure on Gallardo’s team, which has a six lead with one game less,Those from Medina continue in qualifying positions to the Libertadores, the great objective of the T for this 2021.

Despite almost 30 degrees in La Docta, the start of the game was frantic: the first 10 ‘went back and forth , with a lot of pressure and counterattacks from both, although without entirely clear arrivals. However, after the stoppage in tribute to Maradona’s birthday, the local took over the game, with the double five Mendez-Villagra as the axis.

And from the feet of the 8, the figure of the game, the 1-0 of the T was born : the midfielder took a deep pass for a pique from Enzo Díaz, who dominated and assisted with a precise center to Valoyes . The Colombian, unstoppable on the right wing, broke the 0-0 with a header that Marcos Díaz could not contain. And if the Cacique did not stretch the advantage in the first 45 minutes, it was due to lack of aim …



For his part, Kudelka made a triple change to start the ST . Vera, Hezze and Candia gave more play to Huracán and the entry of Cóccaro, more weight in attack. And the Globe went from dominated to dominator … In fact, the Uruguayan striker sent it to save but it was well annulled for offside.

Talleres went into survival mode and endured the result as best he could: he stopped pressing high, gave the ball to the visitor, fell back and bet some cons led by the kid Esquivel, who needed to finish well every play he had. Loustau’s final whistle ended up being a relief for T, who smiled again and did not leave the fight.

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