Saudi Civil Defense female officers play vital role to ensure safe Hajj season


Each young lady appreciates her dad, and Jawaher al-Shammari, a youthful Saudi lady, has been appended to the tactical uniform since her youth when she used to see her own dad wear a similar uniform after a lifetime working in one of the Kingdom’s security areas.


“Today, I am a Saudi military official working in the Hajj season this year as a security auditor in the General Directorate of Civil Defense. I do it with extraordinary pride as it is significant helpful work. My entrance to the tactical area is to serve my nation and religion, and one of the errands as a wellbeing assessor is to watch the explorer camps to guarantee the security and fire insurance is up to speed and being followed, for instance checking the development of the camps, the fire quenchers and electrical establishments,” al-Shammari revealed to Al Arabiya.


Among the hallways of the camps of the blessed destinations in Mina, the eyes of common safeguard female troopers screen and control all gear to guarantee security and wellbeing prerequisites.


“Our work, as wellbeing investigators inside the Saudi Civil Defense is preventive management and remaining on the camps of pioneers, and guaranteeing that prerequisites are accommodated the security and insurance of travelers during the ceremonies,” one female security official said.


Assessment visits will proceed all through the Hajj days across every one of the heavenly destinations using current advancements and applications that work with the examination tasks. Utilization of high innovation will likewise empower the tactical attempting to guarantee a Hajj season this year to get reports nonstop and manage all crisis cases from across the Mina region.


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