Saudi Arabia’s King Salman receives Oman’s Sultan Haitham at Neom Palace

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman receptacle Abdulaziz accepted Oman’s Sultan Haitham canister Tariq at the Neom Palace on Sunday for the principal official visit between the two chiefs since the COVID-19 episode started.

King Haitham was welcomed at the Neom Bay Airport by Crown Prince Mohammed receptacle Salman to start off his two-day visit.

Upon his appearance, the Saudi Falcons put on an air act where they painted the Omani banner onto the sky above.

Ruler Haitham was joined by an enormous assignment, which notwithstanding: Deputy Prime Minister for Defense Affairs Sayyid Shihab receptacle Tarik al-Said, Minister of the Diwan of Royal Court Sayyid Khalid canister Hilal container Saud al-Busaidi, Minister of Royal Office Gen. King container Mohammed al-Nuamani, Minister of Interior Sayyid Hamoud canister Faisal al-Busaidi, and Foreign Minister Sayyid Badr receptacle Hamad container Hamoud al-Busaidi.

Lord Salman had stretched out a solicitation to the Omani chief to hold reciprocal discussions focused on “strengthen[ing] the profound chronicled bonds” between the two Gulf nations and “explor[ing] new spaces of participation – especially in the fields of exchange, foundation, and improvement,” the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) announced.

“The visit comes quite close to fortifying the verifiable and brotherly relations between the administrations of the two nations,” SPA said.

“It likewise expects to grow the possibilities of joint collaboration and approaches to foster them in different fields for the interest and consistent advancement of the people groups of the two nations,” the assertion conveyed by SPA added.

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