Saudi Arabia’s Green Riyadh project to plant 7.5 million trees

The Green Riyadh project means to make a greener and more eco-accommodating city by planting 7.5 million trees by 2030 as per the task’s chief, Abdelaziz al-Moqbel.

Somewhere in the range of 3000 metropolitan parks across the city are likewise arranged, which they say won’t just assume a natural and climatic part by diminishing air and residue contamination, yet additionally cultural and metropolitan by offering conceal for walkers.

The greater part of the trees picked by specialists for this undertaking are acacia because of their innate capacity to withstand the area’s parched environment, and nurseries are being planted to give saplings to trees that neglect to flourish.

Somebody million cubic meters of water will be utilized day by day to flood this task, which they report will be reused through another intricate underground water system framework that will reuse wastewater.

Al-Moqbel predicts the Green Project will assist with diminishing the temperature of the city by one to two degrees Celsius.

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