No COVID-19 cases among Hajj pilgrims: Saudi Arabia’s health ministry

There have been no announced instances of Covid among Hajj explorers to date, the representative for Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health said on Monday.

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“The soundness of the pioneers is consoling, acclaim be to God, and no Coronavirus contaminations or any illnesses influencing general wellbeing have been recorded among them,” Dr. Mohammed al-Abd al-Ali composed on Twitter.

Saudi Arabia has forced exacting Covid measures to guarantee that everybody is protected consistently during the Hajj journey.

The Islamic ceremony as a rule brings more than 2.5 million Muslims per year to Mecca. This year, specialists have restricted the quantity of individuals permitted to participate in Hajj to just 60,000.

Just inoculated Saudi Arabian residents and occupants who are matured somewhere in the range of 18 and 65, don’t have ongoing sicknesses, or have not done Hajj before were permitted to participate in the current year’s journey.

Last year, just 10,000 individuals living in the Kingdom were given licenses.

Social separating measures have been upheld all through the custom, including pioneers strolling around the Kaaba (known as circumambulating), when they walk or run between the Safa and Marwah slopes, and when they participate in the stoning of Satan custom.

The travelers have been separated into gatherings of 20, all lead by an aide, to guarantee that they keep the conventions.

The yards around the Kaaba are likewise over and over cleaned for the duration of the day and robots have been set up to give out Zamzam water jugs to forestall swarming at the water wells.

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