“I’m shocked I tell you,

A Nazi-themed club has opened up in Osaka, Japan, prompting an uproar on social media.

The bar, named ‘Unfair’ under the tagline ‘Life is a bet’, has servers dressed up in Nazi uniform.

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The newly-opened bar gained some online attention when a user on Reddit posted an image of a truck driving through Osaka with the club’s logo on it, which includes a swastika.Unfair’s listing was posted on host sites Star Guys and Host x Host. The listings included photos of the hosts in full Nazi outfits and a video.

One listing read, “Get intoxicated with this new style host club!”

Many people took to Twitter to express their frustrations with the Nazi-themed bar.

“This is what the inside of the Nazi host club looks like. Ignorance and stupidity at its finest,” tweeted user @MikiDezaki.

“I’m shocked I tell you, Japan is the last place I expect this from! They would never fetishize the Nazi. When you don’t purge the fascist elements then expect those elements to be passed down to newer generations,” tweeted user @KieHirako970.

“Every other year in Japan there’s a story like this, and more often than not ignorance (“who cares about some old war, everyone likes men in uniforms”) is used to hide actual neo Nazis. There’s no social consequences here for being a neo Nazi, it’s “just an opinion”,” tweeted user @sina_lana.

“I know the Japanese Nazi experience was a little different…but still factual discoverable history demonstrates how inappropriate this is. Furthermore, it’s hilariously sad and depressing that Tojo truly believed Hitler would spare Japan after the rest of his conquest,” said Twitter user @_john92_.

“On a serious note: In East Asia, particularly in Hong Kong and Japan, Nazi imagery is considered fashionable. It’s just an aesthetic to them, nothing more.,” tweeted user @HornyNord.

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