Naeem Nizam's statement about leaving the editorial board

Naeem Nizam, editor of Bangladesh Pratidin and CEO of News 24, explained the reason for his resignation from the editorial board.

In a statement to the media on Wednesday, he said, “I am informing everyone that I am resigning from the editorial board.

We wanted to work in a positive position while maintaining unity with each other. But the hard reality is that the editorial board is not working on anything other than making occasional statements against the government. An organization of editors cannot just run with anti-government sentiment. The council is not able to play a role in improving the quality of the profession. The organization is run only by the personal will of the president. Prothom Alo, the protection of the interests of the Daily Star can not be the job of the editorial board.
All these activities cannot bring good for the media. It is not acceptable to present news against any media owner before proving any crime. He did not move from his position even after repeatedly saying this, so I had no choice but to step down from the editorial board. I wish you all the best. ’

It may be mentioned that Naeem Nizam, the editor of Bangladesh Pratidin, resigned from the post of general secretary of the editorial board on Tuesday night. In his resignation letter, he said, “I have decided to resign from the post of general secretary of the editorial board as I do not agree with the chairman of the editorial board due to some circumstances.”

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