Messi in a new 5-year contract with Bara!

And in just a few hours, the Argentine forward is going to sign a new contract. Bar খa fans can only breathe a sigh of relief at this news.
According to a report in the Spanish media ‘Marca’, Messi agreed to a new contract with Barca about three weeks ago. This time it’s just a matter of time before he signs his new five-year deal with the Catalan giants. Messi and his father and agent Jorge Messi will attend the signing ceremony with club president Juan Laporta on Thursday.

What’s in Bar নতুনa’s new contract with Messi? Marca has claimed that Messi’s contract is valid for five years, but that he can serve as the club’s goodwill ambassador to the United States for the last three years. Or you can cancel the contract and play for another club without any clause. However, in 2023, Barca can cancel the contract if they want.

Messi and his family traveled to Ibiza and Miami for a vacation after winning the Copa America in Jersey, Argentina. After that he returned to Catalonia once in a while but did not join the team. Then he went on holiday again. The most successful footballer in the history of Bar্সa returned after a holiday last Wednesday.

After signing the contract, the newly won Copa Amrica Argentine captain will start training with the team. He could be seen in a Bar্সa jersey again at the Juan Gamper Trophy next Sunday. Estadio Juan Cruyff is expected to have 3,000 spectators at the start of the season. Messi will also address them there.

At midnight on the last day of last June, when his contract with the club officially expired at midnight. A year ago, of course, he wanted to say goodbye to Bar্সa. But then did not go because of the terms of the contract with the club. But since last June, he is practically no longer a Bar্সa player.

The possibility of Barারa’s new contract with Messi was created mainly after he agreed to take half of his salary. Under La Liga terms, the former champions are also trying to reduce the salaries of the rest of the club. On the other hand, the La Liga authorities have also increased their support to keep Messi.

La Liga recently received a ৭ 2.8 billion loan from CVC Capital Partners in the United States. This assistance comes in the form of financial losses due to the corona virus epidemic. Of this, 60 per cent will be spent on the infrastructure of the clubs. 15 percent of the loan will be repaid and the remaining 15 percent will be spent on the players. Barca is getting 260 million euros from the total loan. Of this, they will be able to spend 42 million euros on transfers and salaries. In other words, the renewal of Messi’s contract is going to see the light of day.

With the loan, Bar বারa will not only be able to renew their contract with Messi, but also complete the registration of new players. Memphis Depp, Emerson, Sergio Aguero and Eric Garcia, who have not yet been officially recognized as Bar্সa players due to the club’s salary problems, can now breathe a sigh of relief.

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