Iraqi police arrest several people behind murder of activist Hisham al-Hashemi: PM



Specialists have captured numerous individuals who were associated with the homicide of Iraqi columnist Hisham al-Hashemi, Iraq’s Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi said on Twitter on Friday.


“We vowed to catch Husham Alhashimi’s executioners. We satisfied that guarantee. We have captured many lawbreakers – killers of honest Iraqis like Ahmed Abdulsamad. We couldn’t care less about media turn: we do our obligations in the help of our kin and in quest for equity,” the executive tweeted.


The PM didn’t give insights concerning the personality of those captured. Notwithstanding, a resigned brigadier general in the Iraqi armed force disclosed to Al Arabiya that one of his executioners was a lieutenant in the inside service and had admitted to being subsidiary with a furnished local army.


Al-Hashemi, a 47-year-old analyst, columnist, and casual consultant to al-Kadhimi, passed on July 6, 2020, after he was fired by three obscure shooters outside his home in east Baghdad.


Following his demise, al-Kadhimi had pledged to deal with his executioners, saying: “We guarantee the executioners that we will follow them so they might be served their fair discipline.”


Al-Hashemi had purportedly been getting into his vehicle when the shooters on two cruisers terminated at him from meters away.


The writer was injured from the start and figured out how to dodge behind his vehicle, however the shooters moved toward him and shot him multiple times in the head at short proximity, specialists told journalists at that point.


AFP refered to a clinical source as saying that al-Hashemi had endured “a hail of projectile injuries in a few body parts.”


Secret archives that purportedly have a place with the late Iraqi dissident may have been the explanation he was killed, Al Hadath journalist Roula al-Khateeb had said in July 2020.


An anonymous source – apparently a senior government official – revealed to Al Hadath that he had gained the reports from another person, who said had gotten them from al-Hashemi.


Al-Hashemi, who openly upheld the well known fights that broke out in Baghdad in October, had told the authority that he had an inclination that something planned to happen to him and that he needed the data to be announced on the off chance that it did, al-Khateeb said.


The records, given to Al Hadath by an anonymous source, uncovered that individuals from the Iran-upheld Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) state armies have been monitoring designated spots close by Iraqi security powers across Baghdad and utilizing their situation to coerce cash from Sunni residents.


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