Instagram's Exclusive Stories Feature

Facebook-owned Instagram is bringing its own version of Twitter’s Super Follow with a feature that allows creators to publish “exclusive” content to their Instagram Stories that’s only available to their fans. Instagram has also confirmed that the leaked screenshots of the feature are from an internal prototype that is currently in development, but not publicly tested. The new feature is rumoured to work on the basis of a subscription payment of some kind. Instagram has not shared any specific details about its plans.

The screenshots leaked on social media by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi show that creators on Instagram could publish “Exclusive Stories” to their accounts. These stories get their own designated color. According to screenshots, when an Instagram user comes across an Exclusive Story, they will be shown a message that says only “the members” can view this content. The stories can not be screenshots, and they can be shared as highlights. A prompt also encourages creators to “save this to a Highlight for your fans,” explaining that if creators put the Exclusive Story as a Highlight, fans have something to see when they join.

This feature will come as an expansion of Instagram’s broader plan to expand monetization tools for creators. Instagram has not made any public announcement about these product developments. The company has, however, hinted about upcoming services like subscriptions and tips. Paluzzi also recently found references to the NFT feature, Collectibles, which shows how digital collectibles could appear on a creator’s Instagram profile in a new tab.

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