Hajj begins in Saudi Arabia under strict COVID-19 rules for second consecutive year



Hajj started in Saudi Arabia on Saturday under severe COVID-19 prudent steps, the second year straight the yearly Islamic ceremony has been held during special conditions.


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Explorers started to rush to Mecca almost immediately Saturday morning in anticipation of the beginning of the custom, which is one of the five mainstays of Islam and a ritual for each physically fit Muslim.


Many Muslims showed up at the al-Zaidi station in Mecca, where more than 200 transports will take them to the Kaaba’s yards after their grants are checked. In front of their journey, the travelers were approached to download the Shaaer Smart Card versatile application.


On the application, an explorer’s close to home and residency subtleties, just as their brilliant Hajj application will be shown. The Shaaer Smart Card is connected to a pioneer’s wellbeing status. It additionally permits the explorer to get and rate Hajj administrations, access different transportation around the patios of Mecca and all through their Hajj venture, access the shrewd doors, in addition to other things.


Mecca would typically welcome over 2.5 million Muslims from around the world for Hajj. Be that as it may, due to the Covid pandemic, the current year’s Hajj has been restricted to just 60,000 individuals living in Saudi Arabia who have been inoculated against the infection.


Last year, only months after the flare-up started, the Kingdom just permitted 10,000 individuals living in the nation to play out the custom.


Saudi specialists have said that they desire to rehash the achievement of last year’s Hajj, which was portrayed by colossal association and the full responsibility of authorities and travelers to follow precaution rules.


Just inoculated residents and inhabitants have been allowed to play out the custom. They should likewise be between the ages of 18 and 65, should not experience the ill effects of constant diseases, and ought not have performed Hajj previously.


Social removing measures will be implemented consistently during Hajj to guarantee the travelers don’t get the Covid. Robots have likewise been positioned around the yards of the Kaaba to shower sanitizer for the duration of the day.


A few different robots are additionally being utilized to serve blessed Zamzam water to explorers and laborers.



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