For the first time in Bangladesh, Google paid 2 crore 29 lakh VAT

In May and June this year, Google deposited Rs 2 crore 29 lakh 54 thousand 538 in the value added tax (VAT) or VAT in the government treasury.

Additional Commissioner of Dhaka South VAT Commissionerate Pramila Sarkar confirmed the matter to banglanews on Thursday (August 5).

He said he paid Tk 55 lakh 6 thousand 604 against the VAT return of last May. And against the return in June, he paid 1 crore 73 lakh 8 thousand 732 rupees. Google has paid a total of 2 crore 29 lakh 54 thousand 538 rupees VAT. VAT has been paid from the branch of Citibank NA, Singapore.

Earlier, on May 23, Google became the first non-resident organization to register for VAT. But Google wanted time to submit returns in May and June to prepare. The VAT department responded to that request. Now Google has submitted the return of those two months.

Meanwhile, on July 29 this year, the social media Facebook has submitted a VAT return of Tk 2 crore 43 lakh 26 thousand 599 to the Dhaka South VAT Commissioner.

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