Geriatric care is ‘almost non-existent in Bangladesh’

While the country has taken great strides in improving the quality of life for its citizens, leading to increasing life expectancy, it has also resulted in over 5% of the population who are over the age of 65 but who do not have access to facilities necessary to take care of themselves.

According to experts, geriatric care is “almost non-existent in Bangladesh,” with only a few operational facilities which specifically focus on taking care of the elderly.

Further studies also indicated that this is becoming a growing concern — due to their age, the elderly need special attention but, unfortunately, thanks to certain cultural and societal norms, old age homes too are seen as uncaring or as ways for children to send their parents off without actually having to put in the effort to take care of them.

The truth of the matter is that, with more and more people working and that too for longer hours, in addition to the fact that the elderly tend to have far more complications and require constant attention, many earning members within a household either do not have the time or the resources to take care of their parents. In cases like this, professional help is needed, and should not be seen as an undesirable option.

It is essential that the elderly of our nation receive much closer attention in specialized facilities which will cater to their various medical woes, with the care and attention they deserve. The last thing we want is to leave some of the most vulnerable elderly members of our society to fend for themselves.

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