Delta variants are present in 98 percent of the infected bodies in July

Delta variants were found in 98 percent of the cases of corona in the country in July, said Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Md. Sharfuddin Ahmed.

Thursday (August 5) at 11:30 at the University Martyr. He made the remarks while publishing the results of a genome sequencing study of the coronavirus at Milton Hall.

The Vice-Chancellor himself has been the main sponsor of the Genome Sequencing Research Project.

The BSMMU vice-chancellor said the study included representative sampling from all departments of the country. In the study, genome sequencing of coronavirus was carried out through oropharyngeal swab samples of a total of 300 infected patients through next-generation sequencing.

Dr. Sharfuddin Ahmed said life does not stop even if Corona creates obstacles in the way of life. Research activities on other genetic diseases will be started immediately. Initiatives will be taken to create Bangladesh’s own data in this regard. The purpose of the corona genome sequencing study is to uncover the genome character of the virus, the type of mutation, and its relationship to the global virus genome, and to create a Bangladeshi Covid-19 genome database.

The study was conducted on coronary artery disease patients from June 29 to July 30 this year.

The BSMMU study included patients ranging in age from 9 months to 90 years. The number of patients aged 30 to 39 years is more.

Studies have shown that patients with co-morbidity, such as cancer, respiratory diseases, and diabetes, have a higher mortality rate from coronary heart disease. In addition, the risk of death has been observed in those who are in their sixties for the second time.

Genome sequencing of 300 samples in the last month shows that about 98 percent of the total infections are Indian or Delta variants. 1 percent are infected by South African or beta variants. However, in the first 15 days of the study, the number was 3 percent. In the case of one patient, we found the Mauritius variant or the Nigerian variant (the variant under investigation).

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