China: Backlash over marriage question in Olympian's interview

A Chinese state media meet with an Olympic gold medallist asking when she would get hitched and have kids has started kickback on the web.

The CCTV portion with Gong Lijiao, who won the ladies’ shot put last on Sunday, additionally portrayed her as a “masculine lady”.

Netizens have reprimanded the meeting calling it chauvinist and intolerant.

They examined it online with the hashtag: “Is marriage the lone thing that can be discussed ladies?”

The inquiries have driven many to have a problem with what they see as imbued assumptions for Chinese ladies just as obsolete goals of magnificence and womanliness.

The clasp, shot uninvolved of the Tokyo Olympics, starts with a female CCTV writer telling the camera that Gong “gave me the feeling that she is a masculine lady, until one advancement second”.

It then, at that point slices to the meeting:


Gong: I might resemble a masculine lady outwardly, yet inside I’m even more a young lady.

CCTV columnist: Do you have any designs for a lady’s life?

Gong: (amazed) Woman’s life?

Another female correspondent: Since you used to be a masculine lady for shot put, do you believe you can act naturally from this point forward?

Gong: Um… possibly I’ll take a gander at my arrangements. On the off chance that I don’t prepare, maybe I will get thinner, get hitched and have kids. Indeed, it’s the way one should take throughout everyday life.


The CCTV writer proceeds to depict Gong as “giving a constrained grin” while got some information about her own life.

Gong is then found out if she has a beau, what sort of man she is searching for, and regardless of whether she would arm-wrestle a sweetheart.

The meeting closes with Gong giggling and saying: “I don’t arm-wrestle. I’m exceptionally delicate.”

‘No man is her match’

Thousands via online media have censured the inquiries presented to Gong, with the marriage hashtag on microblogging stage Weibo getting in excess of 300 million perspectives.

“Won an Olympic gold decoration, actually can’t quiet down this gathering of meddling ladies,” whined one analyst on audit site Douban. Others said the inquiries were oppressive and body-disgraced Gong.

On Weibo, an animation taunting the inquiries questions has started moving. Some portion of it shows a female tumbler being inquired “how would you adjust work and family” while a female fighter is inquired “can your beau beat you [in a match]?”.

Many have revitalized behind Gong, leaving many strong messages on her Weibo page.

“It isn’t so much that she can’t get hitched, it’s that no man is her match… at the point when we talk about ladies, it’s about marriage or looks, yet additionally dreams and accomplishments,” read one mainstream post on Weibo.

Gong herself reacted to the post, saying: “This thoroughly communicates what I feel! Much thanks to you!”

An elevated consciousness of ladies’ privileges, fuelled by the #MeToo development of 2018, has prompted solid pushback online against customary assumptions for ladies.

Chinese magnificence guidelines, which especially prize ladies who are thin and reasonable, have additionally gone under investigation as of late as the nation sees a blast in corrective medical procedure.

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