It's going to kill him, it's that simple. If he's your friend,

After the legendary heavyweight boxer gave his preference to a landslide victory for Canelo Álvarez, Sweet Hands responded and assured him that he can take the undisputed championshipDays after Caleb Plant and Saúl Canelo Álvarez face one of the most important lawsuits of their careers , the statements begin to be more constant and poignant. In the most recent chapter of verbal attacks, the American boxer stood out, who attacked the legendary Mike Tyson . And it is that, in recent weeks, the heavyweight offered its support to the Mexican and underestimated the performance of Sweet Hands , which is why he made his dissatisfaction known.

After being questioned about his opinion about Tyson’s controversial statements, which questioned his boxing quality, Plant did not limit himself and assured that Iron Mike’s prognosis is wrong . He even ventured to remind him of harsh chapters that stained the glory he built in his professional career.“ Tyson was stronger than Buster Douglas, but that didn’t help him against someone who was determined to win. He was stronger than Lennox Lewis, he was stronger than Evander Holyfiled, but winning a fight involves much more than being stronger than someone. There are many keys and many factors that intervene in a fight and it has nothing to do with force ” , he assured in an interview with the specialized medium FightHype .Plant’s hostile reaction stemmed from the controversial statements made by the former professional boxer . At some point he went on to say that “Caleb Plant is going to be dismembered. It’s going to kill him, it’s that simple. If he’s your friend, you’re going to his funeral. They are going to tear it to pieces. Yes, he has the complexion and the protection, but he will be surpassed by this Mexican ” .

In his response, Caleb Plant cited the names of those characters who came to complicate Tyson’s career. The first of them was James Douglas , an American boxer who in 1990 made him lose the titles of the International Boxing Federation (IBF), World Boxing Association (WBA) and the World Boxing Council (WBC) and sealed the first negative stain on Mike’s perfect record.

Evander Holyfield , meanwhile, stripped him of the WBA title in November 1996. However, when he sought to regain the title, in June 1997, Mike Tyson was disqualified from the fight . In fact, the episode is remembered for the embarrassing moment when he bit off a piece of his opponent’s ear .

Ultimately, Lennox Lewis was the one who settled the fourth loss in the final stage of Iron Mike’s career . It was on June 8, 2002 when, in Memphis, Tennessee, he gave him a knockout in the eighth round and won the titles of the WBC, IBF and International Boxing Organization (OIB). In this way, when mentioning the third of fighters, Caleb Plant sought to vindicate his pride and assert himself in the fight for all the belts in the division.

In addition, the boxer added that the strength in Canelo Álvarez’s fists is not superior to his, as he assured that the rival whom he stripped of the IBF belt at 168 pounds can account for it. “For anyone who thinks that I don’t hit hard, you can ask José Uzcategui.”

Sayings and threats should be transformed into coups and strategy next Saturday, November 6. That night, the 168-pound class will meet the first unified champion in its history . In case it is Canelo who overcomes, in addition, he will be the first Mexican to become the undisputed champion.

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