Bangladesh lightning strike kills 17 wedding party guests

Something like 17 individuals from a wedding party have kicked the bucket in Bangladesh in the wake of being struck by lightning, authorities said.

Fourteen others, including the husband to be, were harmed. The lady was not with the wedding party.

The gathering was landing from a boat at the riverside town of Shibganj, heading towards the lady’s home, when they were trapped in a rainstorm.

Nearby individuals said a few electrical discharges hit the gathering.

Consistently, many individuals across South Asia are killed by lightning.

In 2016, Bangladesh pronounced lightning strikes a catastrophic event when in excess of 200 individuals passed on in the long stretch of May alone, remembering 82 individuals for a solitary day.

Specialists say deforestation has had an impact in the rising number destructive lightning strikes because of the vanishing of numerous tall trees that before would have drawn lightning strikes.

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