Bangladesh factory fire: At least 52 people killed in overnight blaze

A processing plant fire in Bangladesh has killed 52 individuals and harmed 30 others, crisis administrations have said.

The blast broke out on Thursday night at Hashem Food and Beverage production line in Rupganj, a modern town close to the capital Dhaka.

Specialists disclosed to AP news organization the fire grabbed hold on account of synthetic substances and plastics put away inside the structure.

A fire administration official told the BBC that setback numbers could ascend as numerous laborers were unaccounted for.

Before the occurrence, the six-story processing plant produced natural product juices, noodles and sweet confectionary.

While numerous specialists had left for the day when the fire began, it is accepted that many individuals were as yet inside for the time being.

Onlookers said numerous laborers were harmed after they hopped from the industrial facility’s upper floors.

Specialists disclosed to AP that individuals had been not able to escape on the grounds that an entryway prompting steps to the rooftop had been latched.

It’s the most recent in a progression of flames to eject around Bangladesh as of late, killing many individuals.

The public authority has swore changes since a condo fire in 2013 killed in excess of 1,100 individuals. In any case, pundits say that wellbeing guidelines are as yet careless.

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