Amir Hayek appointed as Israel’s first ambassador to the UAE

Israel has named Amir Hayek as its first envoy to the UAE, the country’s unfamiliar priest Yair Lapid declared on Sunday.

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In a tweet reporting the news, Lapid said that Hayek was “wealthy in experience and information in the fields of monetary and the travel industry,” adding that he was, “the right man to organize the extension among Israel and the Emirates.”

Recently, the UAE initiated the Arabian Gulf’s first international safe haven in Israel. The kickoff of the government office, which is arranged in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange building, came not long after the UAE opened an Israeli consulate and selected Mohamed al-Khaja as the envoy.

Hayek is the leader of the Israel Hotel Association, as per online paper The Times of Israel, he likewise recently headed the Manufacturers Association of Israel and was the chief general of the country’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor.

The UAE and Bahrain standardized relations with Israel last August under the “Abraham Accords” which was created by the organization of then-US President Donald Trump.

Since the marking of the Abraham Accords on September 15, numerous arrangements have been endorsed in the fields of wellbeing, flight, the travel industry, food security, farming, and guard among others.

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