Algeria fire tragedy: Sisters found charred hugging mother following village blaze

Firefighters in Algeria found dead two sisters embracing their mother after fleeing the fires that erupted in the village of Ikhlijen in the city of Tizi Ouzou.

According to the Algerian newspaper An-Naha, the two young women were identified as Sarah and Jawhar. They were found charred and clinging to the body of their mother, who died of suffocation as a result of inhaling smoke from the fires.
Firefighters battled wildfires still raging across northern Algeria Friday assisted by volunteers, but the deadly blazes in the worst-hit province of Tizi Ouzou were largely extinguished, the emergency services said.

The North African country was observing a second day of national mourning for the 71 people confirmed killed in by far the deadliest wildfires to hit the Mediterranean this summer.

Algeria’s state prosecutor on Thursday ordered an investigation after a mob lynched a man they accused of sparking the country’s deadly wildfires.

Video footage posted online Wednesday showed a crowd beating to death 38-year-old Jamal Ben Ismail and setting him ablaze.

The grisly murder was staged in Larbaa Nath Irathen, in the Tizi Ouzou district, one of the worst hit by the fires.

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